ASGP 2009, Vol. 79, 2

Elżbieta Morycowa & Jean-Pierre Masse
Lower Cretaceous Microsolenina (Scleractinia) from Provence (southern France) - 97-140
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Michael A. Kaminski, Eiichi Setoyama & Jarosław Tyszka
Plectoeratidus subarcticus, n.gen., n.sp., a new agglutinated foraminifer from the Upper Cretaceous of the western Barents Sea - 141-146
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Adam Mydłowski
Isotopic mass balance of metamorphic fluids in the Gogołów-Jordanów serpentinite massif, Lower Silesia, SW Poland - 147-158
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Michał Gradziński, Jacek Motyka & Andrzej Górny
Artesian origin of a cave developed in an isolated horst: a case of Smocza Jama (Kraków Upland, Poland) - 159-168
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Zbigniew Szczerbowski
Geodetic surveys in detection of geological features: a case study of Inowrocław area, central Poland - 169-176
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Maciej Pawlikowski, Beata Kępińska, Magdalena Sikorska, Lucyna Natkaniec-Nowak, Magdalena Dumańska-Słowik & Marian Kosuth
Preliminary mineralogical and petrographical studies of veins within the country rocks of the Neogene volcanites of the Pieniny Klippen Belt as indicators of potential geothermal processes - 177-185
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Janusz Olszak
Evidence for differential crustal uplift between the neighbouring Kamienica and Ochotnica river valleys in the Polish Outer Western Carpathians - 187-193
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Jan Golonka, Michal Krobicki, Anna Waśkowska, Irena Matyasik, Robert Pauken, Natalia J. Bocharova, Mary Edrich & Jim Wildharber
Source Rock Prediction Value: world provinces during Late Jurassic–earliest Cretaceous times and position of West Carpathians in SRPV prediction - 195-211
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