ASGP 2015, Vol. 85, 2

Anna Waśkowska
Stratigraphy of the Hieroglyphic Beds with “Black Eocene” facies in the Silesian Nappe (Outer Flysch Carpathians, Poland) - 321–343
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Sami Riahi, Mohamed Soussi & Kmar Ben Ismail Lattrache
Age, internal stratigraphic architecture and structural style of the Oligocene–Miocene Numidian Formation of northern Tunisia - 345–370
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Marta Bąk, Krzysztof Bąk, Zbigniew Górny & Beata Stożek
Evidence of bacteriogenic iron and manganese oxyhydroxides in Albian-Cenomanian marine sediments of the Carpathian realm (Poland) - 371–385
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Jacek Szczygieł, Krzysztof Gaidzik & Ditta Kicińska
Tectonic control of cave development: a case study of the Bystra Valley in the Tatra Mts., Poland - 387–404
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Bartosz Budzyń, Patrik Konečný & Gabriela A. Kozub-Budzyń
Stability of monazite and disturbance of the Th-U-Pb system under experimental conditions of 250–350 °C and 200–400 MPa - 405–425
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